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Introducing The Pampers Team

We’re merging the best of two worlds: big-ticket network agency power with startup speed and innovation. Which means you’ll find just as many designer dogs as beards&beanies in the office.

No, seriously. Take our Startup Pampers team for instance, which is as Silicon Valley as it gets. Here we design and build digital products and content using, you guessed it, agile processes: launching MVPs, learning from user feedback, and making fast iterations. We crunch and digest data with our everyday morning coffee to optimize our output in ongoing cycles. We innovate together with our client and partner agencies, forming a close-knit, multicultural team – constantly in touch via the latest collab and messaging platforms but also meeting up regularly to assess our progress, identify new directions, and share a few burgers&beers.

„Done is better than perfect” is tattooed on our foreheads: we try to overcome the perfectionists in ourselves and create more, fail faster, and correct our mistakes sooner. We play the startup game to keep up with our brands’ nimble little challengers. But, unlike them, we get to play in the padded comfort provided by our sugar daddy central HQ in Paris: solid resources, both material and human; an international network of peers and experts; spacious offices; decent working hours, and regular occasions to recharge our batteries together.

Bottom line: Want your Moleskine engraved with your initials (and ours)? Or a laptop covered in stickers? You’ll fit in with us either way.