Monica Mendívil Lopez

Account Director

Once I read “Design is easy, that’s why it’s complicated” by Paul Rand. I would say “Communication is easy, that’s why it’s complicated” and that’s what I find fascinating about our business: simplicity is key, and achieving simplicity is challenging.

Telling stories that evoke emotions, drive actions, create relevant connections between brands and consumers in a way that captivates and conveys whole messages in seconds is the reason why I’ve begun a honeymoon with communication & advertising, and even after 20 years, working with many different brands, the honeymoon still goes on.

I was an Art Director who studied marketing, then jumped to Accounts side, working with planning teams; a hyperactive Mexican who landed in Budapest, fortunate enough to find a multicultural family at Saatchi, combining disciplines with experts from many countries and backgrounds, with each of us bringing something unique to the table, living by our belief: “Nothing is impossible”.