Julianna Gémesi

Account Director - Fabric Care

I’m an account with heart, mind and soul, working for almost 12 years in this industry. It all seems as if I had just started now, except that a lot of things have changed in digital, while my enthusiasm, my passion for working in the most creative environment and my sense to detail have remained the same through and through.

No big project, no timings and no obstacles can stop me from providing our clients/brands with the top level service they deserve.

Of course, I know that one person can’t change or beat the world: therefore, I believe in teamwork. I think being a team player is key, especially in our industry.

Saatchi & Saatchi is my lovemark (no, it’s not a cliché, if you’re living it!) as I have already worked in 2 Saatchi offices, when I chose Saatchi Budapest in 2016.