András Maros

Head of Copy – Pampers

Ideas are everywhere, and the good news is that everybody has access to them! It’s like they’re flying around us. The good creative catches the ones that are good and fit the assignment. Of course, you can always prepare your mind for “idea catching”. A tasty coffee helps. Another tasty coffee helps even more. Music helps. A long elevator ride helps. A brainstorming session with fellow idea-catchers also helps. (If there’s tasty coffee.)

We have lots of creative people here at Saatchi Budapest, but not just in the creative department. When I take a step away from the everyday work and look at our guys and their abilities, I’m still (and still) amazed at the vast knowledge there is here. People with different backgrounds, working in different fields, co-operating with each other... all contributing to the same goal: to get better at what they do.

When it comes to my background, I have a 20+ years in advertising. Besides commercials, I’ve written eight published fiction books; several hundred pieces for literary journals, weekly magazines, dailies; as well as a few staged plays and produced screenplays.