Start-Up Pampers Group Lead

Our job and passion is to drive the vision, strategy, design and execution of Pampers Club (Pampers’ Digital Ecosystem).

We are here to design (fucking) good products and experiences parents love, we aim to be the world’s best partner to new parents.

Earlier in my career path I've been brand management for Pampers at P&G and later on I've been the co-founder of Marquee a well funded startup company (Headquarters in Tel Aviv and New York).

In Saatchi as Start-up team group lead manage to combine the best of both of my previous positions into one, and I love (almost ;)) every second of it.

I joined at 2017 and I’m super proud on what we have achieved we scaled the team ~X10 and still growing. Pampers Club App became #1 App for New Parents in the US.

Some principles that I try to follow and believe makes our team a high performing team:

Done is Better than Perfect. Fast is Better Than Slow. Good Ideas Can Come From Anyone. Speed of Trust - 1 Team 1 Dream. If You Want It Go Get It, Just Do It, and after gather learning and do it better.