Humanizing Technology: Meet the Midea Team

After 50 years of focusing on B2B communications, Midea, one of the world’s leading home appliance companies has finally decided to turn directly toward its customers even outside of China – but before that, they turned to us.

We love a good opportunity to help create the tone of voice of globally renowned brands, determining how they will talk to millions of people. Soon after we defined what the brand stands for in digital, the We defined content strategy was born. Digital Environmental Analysis, Content Audits, and Social Media Reviews followed (think: lots and lots of workshops), until we were finally able to begin developing creative work in 2018. (Hallelujah!) This currently includes creating digital assets for Facebook, Instagram, the Midea website, and eCommerce channels.

Working on Midea is both a very exciting process and a steep learning curve for all of us. Plus, we hope to get some really cool discounts on those appliances we’re selling…